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If you have read about our founder Richard in the ‘About’ section, you will already know that we have first-hand experience in the discomfort and frustrations that ears can bring to a person’s life.

Although Richard is finding relief from the regular use of Hopi Ear Candles with the build-up of wax in his ears (his ears don’t appear to drain), we remain on our quest to find out how the quality of a person’s life can be further improved. We know and understand that blocked, hissing, buzzing ears is no fun at all and can really get you down. Richard himself understands this and has even gone to the lengths of avoiding public areas due to the confusion of where the sound was coming from, or because he could not hear any sound at all!

The Hopi Blog aim is for us to sift through all the clutter on the internet, pulling and posting the best bits for you.

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Hopi blog

I no longer need a hearing aid and my tinnitus is subsiding!

Posted on 16.01.18

12 months later and phew…what a journey this has been and continues to be. The last 12 months have shown me the im...

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Hopi blog

Ear Candling Safety: Self Treating

Posted on 09.12.17

How to Ear Candle Safely - Self Treating

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Hopi blog

Tinnitus: New research shows that it’s our brains, NOT our ears!

Posted on 02.12.17


Hopi-Place founder Richie has suffered with Tinnitus f...

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Hopi blog

Why do so many people suffer with tinnitus?

Posted on 06.07.17

​For the past few years I have been interested in finding out more about tinnitus, mainly because I suffer with the condi...

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