Tinnitus: New research shows that it's our brains, NOT our ears!


Tinnitus: New research shows that it's our brains, NOT our ears!


Hopi-Place founder Richie has suffered with Tinnitus for many years- more so on days when he has had little sleep, is a little more anxious or under pressure. Being a wife who has been watching him suffer, led me to research the issue. I have now been researching for well over a year different methods, treatments and supplements that could help with his symptoms.


Being optimistic- I’ve been searching for a cure! I then stumbled across research that has been published in May 2017 by the University of Konstaz in Germany. The title reading: OUR BRAINS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR TINNITUS- NOT OUR EARS! Instantly I began to read the publication and what an interesting read this was! I’ll provide you the link at the end so you can read this for yourself.


In a Christmas walnut shell, they describe how deep within the brain the sounds are not being processed correctly. The study describes how the cells cannot travel successfully from one to the other as they are broken. The cells (synapses) end up getting muddled up, resulting in sounds in the ears such as ringing. Often these sounds can go into self-sustaining loops causing continuous ringing! “I KNOW”- I hear you cry! If we think about it, it makes sense. Our brain processes the sound- not our ears! Many studies are being done into researching the condition, including open brain surgery.


One thing is for sure… the condition is being taken seriously but there isn’t any identified known cure.


This being said, we look to the positives in situations and instead of looking at the ears to improve and hopefully cure this condition- we will now look towards the brain! At least now we can focus our energies into the right area.


If you would like to read the new-found scientific research behind Tinnitus, click on the link at the link at the end of this Blog.


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